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VO-Con ’19
Fairmont Chateau, Whistler
Sept. 23-25


The 2018 CVOA Cornerstone Award will recognize an industry innovator who … 

  • seized an opportunity, addressed a need, solved a problem and created a game changing value proposition;
  • communicated in compelling ways, engaged the marketplace and achieved outstanding results and commercial success; and/or,
  • will have a lasting positive impact on vacation ownership, the environment and society and is an inspiration to CVOA stakeholders.


The finalists will:

  • be featured on the VO-Con website and in numerous industry press releases and conference e-blasts;
  • receive special industry recognition by making presentations at VO-Con to the media and attendees;
  • be featured in a dedicated media-wide press release.


Any company, HOA, individual or vacation ownership project that is currently active in the industry is eligible to be nominated. Nominations are to be made based on the nominee’s achievements and accomplishments during the 18 months ending August 31, 2018. Nominators can submit as many nominees as they would like. The nominee does not need to be a member of CVOA. The nominee may self-nominate.


CVOA is seeking nominees whose achievements are truly outstanding. The following is a list of broad criteria areas to consider when nominating. NOTE: To be eligible, a nominee only needs to meet one of the criteria areas.

  • Project Excellence
    • Created and completed a successful development that demonstrated innovative planning/architecture/design/amenitization, effective marketing and sales, exemplary returns on investment, etc.; success may be measured by a combination of financial returns, environmental friendliness, impact on the local economy and other metrics.
  • Transaction Excellence
    • Completed an acquisition, sale, merger, financing or other deal that was deemed successful by all stakeholders and was completed with a high degree of integrity.
  • Innovation
    • Developed a groundbreaking product, service or concept that was successfully implemented.
  • HOA/Owner Relations
    • Implemented responsive programs and delivered superior service on behalf of owners to meet the challenges of HOA’s in areas such as owner relations, communications, collections, budgets, accounting, reservations, rentals and guest service.
  • Communications/Public Relations/Marketing and Sales
    • Created innovative, effective campaigns to establish relationships with current or prospective owners, drive sales, promote brand awareness or increase exposure utilizing public relations, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, social media, video and/or websites.
  • Rental Programs
    • Demonstrated excellence in the operation of a resort’s rental program, including guest service, owner accounting, marketing, partnerships, program development, vacation packages, marketing strategies, revenue management and inventory utilization.
  • Green\Sustainable Programs
    • Established innovative programs that make a commitment to conserve and protect natural resources by integrating green practices into operations, interior design, technology and/or owner services.
  • Community Service and Philanthropy
    • Consistently gave time, energy, creativity and talents in order to further the vacation ownership industry.


There are three parts to the Submission: (1) Nomination Form; (2) Narratives; (3) Collateral Materials. 

The Entry Form can be downloaded here.

All entries, including supporting documentation, must be received by CVOA no later than September 5, 2018.


Three finalists will be selected by the CVOA Awards Committee. Each will be featured on the VO-Con website and in numerous industry press releases and e-blasts. The three finalists will make presentations to all the VO-Con attendees during the conference.

The Awards Committee will judge the entries and select the winner.


The Cornerstone Award formal presentation and photo session will occur during VO-Con ’18 at Blue Mountain.

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